Naomi Kashiwagi

A Little Ramble


Robert Walser (1878-1956) was a Swiss artisan novelist. Walser’s writings are whimsically profound illuminations into the human condition and reveal everyday experiences as being inherently extraordinary.


Hermann Hesse famously proclaimed, “If Robert Walser had a hundred thousand readers, the world would be a better place.”


Naomi’s practice playfully provokes the fringes of disciplines and genres, the intersections and impacts of visual art and music upon one another and the cyclical nature of obsolescence and technological innovation. She works through reinvention- recycling the redundant and that of the established order to reveal the ordinary as being inherently extraordinary.


Naomi Kashiwagi is an award-winning artist, including Winner of Arts Council North West prize, art08 Individual Artist Award and Best of Manchester Award (Art) 2008. In 2013 she was shortlisted for the Women in the Arts Award; part of Manchester’s International Women’s Day Celebrations and was shortlisted for the Nationwide Mercury Prize Art competition (2005).


Notable exhibitions include Innsbruck International: Festival of the Arts, Innsbruck, Austria (June 2013), SOUNDWORKS, ICA, London (2012), Progress Reports: Art in an era of diversity, INIVA, Rivington Place London (2010), The Intertwining Line: Drawing as Subversive Art, Cornerhouse, Manchester (2008).


Naomi is one of Manchesters most interesting artists.

For  ANDROID a recent exhibition in Piccadilly Place, Naomi produced origami rabbits which she placed throughout the city centre.

The origami figures complete with the artists unique signature/symbol were then left for members of the public to discover. Discreet clues  to their location were announced via social media sites such as twitter…..


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